What is The Procedure For A Hearing Test?

Patients are often put through a number of different tests to help the practitioner discover the extent of the hearing loss and the cause of it. Hearing tests also determine whether a patient is suffering from hearing loss at all. The first part of the exam consists of simple questions and answers, often given orally. Although some patients may be required to fill out a questionnaire. The answers will help the health care professional discover the extent of the damage, and may help him uncover the cause of it.

Ear Examination

Following the history, the audiologist will then examine the patient’s ears. This can uncover physical problems that may be causing the hearing loss. For instance, some patients suffer hearing loss due to a build up of ear wax. In other situations, the ear has swelled due to irritation. An otoscope will be used to look inside the ear. The problem could also be due to the ear drum being punctured.

The Main Hearing Test

hearing testThe hearing test is conducted in a sound-proof room. That way, no noises from outside the office can interfere. There are three main tests that are commonly used in this examination. Together, they can help determine the extent of the hearing loss, and possibly the cause of it. The pure tone test, middle ear test and speech test are usually included.

Don’t be Afraid to Tell the Audiologist Why You Think You May Have Lost Your Hearing

Some of us have jobs that require us to be around loud noises. If you’re a musician that often has to be on stage with loud instruments and sound effects, this is a possible cause of your hearing loss. Some causes of hearing loss may be embarrassing, but it’s still important to be honest about them. Did you stick something in your ear? If you did, this could help your hearing loss expert diagnose a punctured ear-drum.

The Treatment

The treatment for your hearing loss will depend on the cause of it. This is just one more reason it’s important to be honest. If there’s a build up a fluid behind your eardrum, this can be corrected with surgery. If the hearing loss is permanent, it can still be remedied with a hearing aid. There are implants that can also be placed in the ear to help with hearing.

How To Figure Out If You Need A Hearing Exam

Your hearing loss may not be obvious yet. It could be slight, and just waiting to get worse. There are a few signs that can let a patient know their hearing is damaged. Tinnitus, which is ringing in the ear, is often a symptom of hearing loss and ear damage. Is this happening randomly? It’s probably time for a hearing test. Vertigo, which is a spinning, dizzy sensation, could mean that you’ve punctured your eardrum. Ear pain can also be a symptom. Especially when there is swelling with discharge. Of course, the main symptom that the exam focuses on is hearing loss.

Try A Free Hearing Test Online First

There are free hearing exams online. Your score on one of these tests can also be an indication of a problem. If you do badly, it’s time to see a professional for a thorough, hearing examination.

Don’t Wait

Going through a hearing test can help a practitioner stop what’s causing your hearing loss before you lose your ability to hear completely. It’s never a good idea to wait and see if it gets better. What’s causing your hearing loss may not be something that can cure itself. See a practitioner to diagnose it before it’s too late.