Wine Tasting Tours

barnWhen selecting vineyards to visit on a tour, it is first important to consider the nature of the visit. While a wine enthusiast may be going on a tour strictly for the tasting, to forget about the other opportunities that exist is to miss out on most of the enjoyment that such a tour can afford.

Whether you are planning a tour in the Napa Valley or in the rich vineyards of Virginia, there are many interesting sights to see along with a tasting tour. The vintage farmhouses and rustic implements that have been used in over a century of wine-making have as much a history and color as the grapes and wines themselves.

One of the best recommendations is to find a local tour guide, who specializes in tours of the vineyards. A good guide is well worth the extra money spent, as only a local guide will really be able to unlock the vault of local history and bring the region and the wineries to life. And a guide who has a good knowledge of wine making can also be of great assistance in helping make choices of good bottles to purchase from local vineyards.

Consider planning out your day or days on your tour to include opportunities to enjoy some of the desirable amenities, such as picnic grounds for a relaxing lunch. If you plan a tour well, you can also coordinate to enjoy music or entertainment that is often featured at the larger wineries. Special evening events and jazz nights are common and can be missed if advance planning is not done.