If You’ve Been Obese for Decades Medical Weight Loss Is Still an Option

For millions of people being overweight is a lifelong problem that means constant dieting, early diabetes, and plenty of ridicule. Many have been on every diet they could find since childhood and nothing has worked for them, so they’re finally either giving up or going in for a real medical weight loss procedure. By the time they finally do, it may be a life or death struggle to survive.

Are Most Of The Weight Loss Systems On TV Scams?

Measuring tape and bottle with pills. supplements of dietAs many people already know, the weight loss programs and diets that show up on daytime talk shows are garbage. They show a few people that have lost weight, give a few helpful hints, then try to sell a book that will turn your life around. The problem is, none of them work the way they should, and they’ll be selling a different book tomorrow.

Selling weight loss supplements, books, and diet food is a multi-billion dollar industry in the Western World. Using TV shows and celebrities to pump people up and get them to buy is as old as the snake oil salesmen of the past. But there are real options available for medical weight loss.

When All Else Has Failed Seeing A Doctor Is The Way To Go

By the time a person has been obese for most of their life, their health is in real danger. Their arteries are probably clogged, and they are experiencing pre-diabetic symptoms at an early age. Problems with blood sugar lead to early heart attack, blindness, kidney disease and strokes. The Pierce Clinic in Kansas City is one of many across the US that is helping people avoid the serious risks of obesity. You can find out more about their non-surgical medical weight loss program here, weight loss Kansas City.

In addition to all of that, severely overweight people need hip replacements, knee replacements, have bad ankles, and bad backs. Then they have problems attending movies, sitting in airplanes, and enjoying things such as hiking, boating, skiing, carnival rides, walking, and even sex.

Why Medical Weight Loss Programs Work

These kinds of programs are specifically tailored to each person. They’ll involve a dietitian that will tell you exactly what you should be eating at every meal. There will be an exercise physiologist that will plan out all of your daily workouts that take into consideration your physical abilities and calorie burn requirements, so everything is doable from start to finish.

The programs will also take into consideration the mental condition of those that have been trying to lose weight for a lifetime. They’ll need constant counseling to combat depression and the long term negative attitude they’ve developed over the years. Being fat for decades means they’ve been ridiculed thousands of times by those they love and people they don’t even know.

There will also be daily support groups involved to augment the counseling sessions. These are important because they’re where people that are all working towards the same objective can come together and know that they aren’t alone in their quests to lose weight. Many will be experiencing the exact same problems and can offer solutions to others that can be helpful.

A Medical Weight Loss Program Is A Lifestyle Change

While many diets are designed to help people lose a few pounds, a real medical program is a lifelong lifestyle change. People will need to change the foods they eat and the amounts they consume for the rest of their lives. They will have to commit to exercising every single day, forever.

If going to the counseling sessions is helping, then that may have to continue for years along with the support group and regular medical checkups. Once obesity gets to a life or death health stage, then the alternative is no longer up for discussion, it is do or die.

Losing weight for some people in our society has become nearly impossible using the fad diets that change on a daily basis. If you’ve struggled to lose weight for longer than you can remember, there are options available for medical weight loss. Maybe it’s time to see a doctor and find out exactly what you need to do to finally get healthy and lose the weight you desire.